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Buying a HOME?

What does it mean to be a successful buyer? It means that you found the home you’ve been searching for and you were able to call it your own. 


Getting you there means understanding your goals and putting them at the forefront of our home search.

Buying a home involves more than touring a space for what it is; it’s about seeing a space for everything it can be and more. Putting my renovation experience to work, our dialogue includes everything from furniture placement, styling ideas and finish selections to renovation concepts, addition suggestions and more.

As a real estate investor, I bring a unique perspective to my clients’ home search.

Evaluating the value improvements can bring to a home when weighed against comparable sales and neighborhood statistics helps my clients make empowered decisions.

My buyers lay out their goals and I give them the tools to get there. At the end of the day, this business is about people and helping make their dreams come true. It’s a formula that permeates every price range, background, situation or circumstance. This is the foundation of my business - caring above all else.

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About Fox Homes

Fox Homes isn’t your average real estate brokerage. With years of experience in new construction sales and Twin Cities residential real estate, Fox Homes was born to fulfill a niche in the industry for a more full-service real estate experience. From buying and selling to paint and finish consultations, second story additions and beyond – the relationship with our real estate clients is designed to last far beyond the closing table.

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